Q: Amazon Order Issue???

A: Contact Amazon directly at 1-866-216-1072


Q: Where are Rival Nutrition products made?

A: Rival Nutrition products are made from the finest quality ingredients of domestic and international origin.  All Rival Nutrition products are manufactured in facilities with the highest standards and meeting or exceeding all safety and regulatory approvals in both Canada and the United States.  All powdered protein and concentrate products are manufactured in NUTRIVOs 230,000 sq. foot facility.  The facility has second-to-none manufacturing capabilities. 


Q: Whom is Rival Nutrition designed for?

A: Bodybuilders, hockey players, sprinters, Crossfitters, swimmers, power lifters, mixed martial artists, cyclists, football players (both types), climbers, basketball player, surfers, extreme athletes... Rival Nutrition has a nutritional formulation to help you achieve unrivaled performance – whatever your sport.


Q: What sets Rival Nutrition apart from other sports nutrition brands?

A: Expertise, investment, and an ongoing commitment to excellence. With over 150 years of combined industry expertise, our leadership team helped build and shape performance nutrition as we know it today. Unlike most other sports nutrition brands, Rival Nutrition controls everything from concept to store shelf. In 2013 we constructed an ultra-modern development, manufacturing, and distribution facility featuring a huge R&D lab, the latest in blending, filling and packaging technology, and expansive warehouse space. While sizable, this investment enables us to ensure that every Rival Nutrition product is of the highest quality and keep costs minimized by cutting out the middlemen.


Q: What is Informed Choice and why should I care about it?

A: Informed Choice is a comprehensive program that tests and monitors for the presence of over 150 banned substances. If you are a competitive athlete, consume a product that is contaminated with a banned substance, and get tested, you risk suspension, disqualification, and potentially even more severe consequences including reputational damage.  



Q: How do I become an authorized reseller within the U.S.?

A: Please contact CustomerService@RivalNutrition.com


Q: How do I become an authorized reseller Internationally?

A: Please contact CustomerService@RivalNutrition.com



Q: Why doesn’t my powder contain a measuring scoop?

A: Ninety nine times out of one hundred the scoop is in the jug; it just sank to the bottom during shipping. Try tilting the container and lightly shaking it to see if you can get the scoop to resurface. Alternatively, you can try using a clean kitchen utensil (e.g., wooden spoon) to search through the powder. No luck? Please Contact Us for a replacement.


Q: Where do I find information about the best way and time to use my Rival Nutrition product?

A: The product package is a great place to start. We also have suggestions about when and how to use the different formulas on the “About” and “Nutrition” tabs of each Rival Nutrition product page. In addition, we recommend that you routinely check out our social media for recipe ideas as well as insights and inspiration from Team RIVAL.    


Q: What is the best way to prepare Rival Nutrition protein shakes and powdered supplements?

A: Whether using a glass & spoon, shaker cup, or blender, we suggest filling the container with the recommended level of water and then adding the powder. Mix for a few seconds until thoroughly combined. Rival Nutrition products are all instantized, so it won’t take long and you won’t need to shake or stir that hard.     


Q: How do I know if my Rival Nutrition product contains common food allergens?

A: Common allergens (soybean, wheat, milk, egg, peanut, tree nuts, fish, crustacean) that are directly added to any Rival Nutrition product are clearly identified on each product package. We also aggressively clean and sanitize our equipment between production runs to greatly minimize the chance of incidental cross contamination. If you have extreme food sensitivities and a specific question about the allergens used on shared equipment, please Contact Us