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Posted by Steve Tinoco on Jun 15th 2018

What’s up Rivalus Family,

Another day and another important blog topic I've been personally dealing with quite often lately. I would love to share my experiences and give some tips on how to help you with eating healthy while on the road and traveling from one place to another. These last couple months for me have been truly crazy when it comes to traveling and it has really shown me the discipline it takes when trying to stick to a solid eating routine. I’m here to help you for any upcoming trips and adventures you have to help prepare in the easiest ways to not let all your hard work go to waste just because of a couple days on the road.

To start, get on the right path and go for the healthy options at an airport or gas station if possible. Airports are definitely getting a lot better with getting great snack options and amazing food options as well. Gas stations, there are some decent options, but certainly not the best. This, I believe, is the hardest part of traveling. It’s so easy to have a quick unhealthy bite or something fast to hold you over for some time. But keeping it healthy steers you in the right direction and sets you up for a great weekend of eating healthy while on your travels.

Next, try and look up where you are staying and what’s around you ahead of time. This will allow you to see restaurants and/or grocery stores in your area to plan accordingly. Ideally, a perfect vacation would include a small fridge or kitchen in your room, but majority of the time its never that easy. Finding a nearby grocery store allows you to prep and get stuff that does not need to be kept cool or need much preparation to take place. Just getting the basics is a great first step in the right direction, such as snacks and easy to make food that fits your daily meal plans. I personally am a big fan of loading up on snacks when I first get to my destination. Knowing I have healthy snacks in the room always puts me in the right mindset to wanting to keep it healthy all trip long. Staying away from those free homemade chocolate cookies is tough, but you'll feel better mentally and physically not indulging in deliciousness.

Lastly, if restaurants are your only option, know your limits and stick to healthy options. Me personally, I know cheese is my trigger. So naturally, I stay away from anything with cheese just so I don’t fall down the path of unhealthy eating habits. A lot of places offer chicken breast and veggies no matter where you are. Its just a matter of what you want and where you're willing to eat. The most important thing in these cases is to definitely understand what you can and can not have. Knowing what sits well in your body, what your trigger is and just simply going for the healthy options will make the world of difference.

I appreciate the time you've taken to read this months blog and I wish you all great success in keeping your eating clean on your next adventures!

Until next time Rivalus Family,

Steve Tinoco